As photographers, we’re always looking for ways to improve our workflow AND get the look we want. That’s why I use Lightroom Presets whenever I’m processing my images from a shoot.

Over the past four years, I’ve spent hours processing 1000s of images and developed a system of edits that I’ve saved into a series of Lightroom Presets. Now, I can set the processing foundation for my RAW images with one click, and then do some small adjustments to get my images perfect.


These presets save me time by giving me a solid look which I can then tweak with the Lightroom sliders, they expand my creativity by helping me see several different styles with the click of a button, and they streamline my workflow.

And now, I’m giving them away for FREE!

I’ve created the Aussie Dave Lightroom Bundle on my resources page, where you can download a zip file with six of my most used presets. Each preset has been specifically designed with church services in mind. The presets include: A6 Worship, Bright Worship, Contrast B+W, Crushed Worship, Grey or Gray, and Hip Desaturated.

These presets are easy to install and they’re FREE. My hope is that they will help you create a specific “look” and style for your images and for your photography team.