A little about who I am …

Hey, I’m Dave!

I was a TV sports reporter in Australia before moving to the US with my family in 2008 to go into full-time ministry. 

I’ve been an online pastor since 2008leading and growing online services with more than 80,000 weekly participants across the world. I’ve led online communities at two of Outreach Magazine’s largest churches in the US including Andy Stanley’s North Point Ministries, where I was the social media pastor for more than 6 years.

I have worked with churches and ministries around the world as a social media and digital ministry consultant, helping them develop strategies for online ministry, social media and YouTube.

Now … I am the Orange Director for Australia and New Zealand. This new role includes partnering with more than 200 churches in Australian and NZ who use Orange, working with lead and senior pastors to connect them with reThink Leadership, working with the North Point Partner churches in Australia, and identifying, vetting and developing Australian speakers to be local voices for Orange Conference, reThink Leadership Conference, and Orange Tour in Australia.

I’ll also be continuing to create online and digital strategies and masterclasses for the 8700+ churches around the world who use Orange. 

When I’m not doing all this, I regularly make my family cross their arms, roll their eyes, and tap their feet while I take “just one more quick photo” on family outings, or I’m up to my neck in “Jewish stuff” as I research the 1st century cultural context of Jesus for my daily Instagram devotions.

I post regular teaching videos on the Jewishness of Jesus on my YouTube channel, I’m a frequent guest on podcasts, online host, a speaker at numerous conferences and events around the world, and a black belt in writing about myself in the third person.

Oh … I also have written two books, 52 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know, and Chasing The Light.


Work with me

I’m an Aussie photographer, author, YouTuber, and blogger living in Atlanta, Georgia, and I’d love to talk with you and your brand about how we might partner together.

If you would like to contact me or have any queries regarding sponsored posts, brand campaigns and ambassadorships, please email me via my contact form.

So, how might we work together?

Camera brands can be featured in:

  • Blog review post including a detailed explanation of the product, published weekly);

  • A photo and review published on Instagram (32K followers) and Church Photography Facebook Group (2100 members) with brands detailed;

For photo accessory and software brands, I can offer:

  • Review posts where the latest accessories and software I recommend are featured;

  • A feature on how a product solved a workflow/camera/photoshoot dilemma;

  • Promotion on Facebook and Instagram as I love to share my latest finds as soon as I find them!

If you would like to contact me or have any queries, please email me via my contact form.