The big question in Church circles right now is how to get people engaged or re-engaged in the church post COVID-19.

How do we reach new people? How do we re-engage “former” people? How do we get the people who watched our service online during the pandemic into our church buildings?

And on top of this, should we keep using online tools when offline services start up?

These are the important questions, because as Carey Nieuwhof has said some church leaders will “… step right back into the past the moment they step back in their building.”

Here’s a strategy I’ve been working on to help churches leverage digital and physical services to get people fully engaged in their church.

It’s a 50,000-foot overview of a  “new normal” guide for leveraging online and offline tools to move people from being aware of your church online, to considering attending your church, to being involved in your church, and ultimately being engaged in your church.

I’d love to know how you and your church are planning to engage with people—both online and offline—in the “new normal”.