Imagine if YouTube recommended your message videos whenever a person was searching online for the answer to a felt need.

YouTube is the where people go to find answers to everything from fixing their car, to fixing their marriage. 

This FREE ebook walks you through how you can leverage a key feature of YouTube’s algorithm to reach more people than every before!

FREE LightRoom presets

Edit your photos with 1 click. Get 6 brand new presets with a range of color, mood and style.

Easy to install, easy to use and easy to tweak for further customization. These are the presets I use when I edit my photos.

The FREE bundle includes: A6Worship, Bright Worship, Contrast B+W, Crushed Worship, Grey or Gray, and Hip Desaturated.

Chasing the Light

90 Devotions & Photos to Grow Your Faith


Photographers often describe what they do as chasing the light, since light is what makes photography possible. As followers of Jesus, we are chasing the Light of the World in an effort to become more like him as we take the next steps in our spiritual journey.

In Chasing the Light, Dave uses photos taken around the world to provide daily insights into the Bible.

Buy my Instagram images!

I often get asked if my Instagram images are for sale … well now they are!

You can order a print that I will send to you, or a digital hi-res version of the image that I will email to you so you can have it printed yourself.
You can pay using Venmo or Cash app, so it’s easy to get your own piece of art—with or without a scripture verse. Prices include delivery.

Digital image — $65
5×7 print — $60
8×10 print — $90
11×14 print — $120
5×5 print — $60

To buy a print, email me at with details.