Visiting the Holy Land is on the bucket list of most followers of Jesus.

Standing in the places that you’ve read about in the Bible, or walking in the footsteps of Jesus, can completely transform your faith. After leading a handful of trips to Israel, I can tell you that walking in the Judean wilderness, sitting on the Mount Of Beatitudes, splashing in the Sea of Galilee, talking with a local shepherd, or standing in the Garden of Gethsemane has completely changed the way I read scripture!

While most followers of Jesus want to go to Israel … not everyone is fortunate enough to make the trip. So with this in mind, I put together a series of videos from some of the best places for Christians to visit in Israel.

Each 2-5 minute video gives an overview of one of my favorite biblical locations in the Holy Land, and includes a devotion from the site to help you apply the stories of the Bible to your daily life.

You can find the videos on my YouTube channel, or watch them here:

You’re invited to come with me on a trip to the best places for Christians to visit in Israel … right from the comfort of your own home!

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