Life is an uphill battle sometimes, right?

We all experience times when life is just hard work.

While, Jesus never promised that our life would be smooth sailing … I think many of his followers are shocked when we face tough times. It’s like we think following Jesus is a get out of trouble free card – so we ignore Jesus’ warning that we will face trouble regardless of our faith (John 16:33). So what are we to do?

I learned a new approach during a trip to Colorado when a friend and I thought it would be a great idea to get up early and hike to the top of a mountain to take sunrise photos. Maybe it was my age. Maybe it was my lack of fitness. Maybe it was how heavy my camera gear was … but I struggled. My legs burned. My breathing was heavy. My body hurt. I fell behind. By the time I reached the top I couldn’t be bothered taking photos. I just wanted to catch my breath.

This is what life is like sometimes. It can feel like it’s a straight uphill climb. It’s hard work and all we want to do is catch our breath.

But then I heard a rustle in the tall grass and saw this deer standing just a few feet away from us.


I reached for my camera and the click of the shutter caught the deer’s attention. Suddenly, it turned and sprung up the mountain to an even higher spot, navigating the steep, rugged terrain gracefully. Thanks to its perfectly designed feet, the deer nimbly pranced up the rocky terrain to a safe spot to look down on us.


I immediately remembered a verse from Psalm 18: “He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights.”

As I watched this deer effortlessly climb the mountain, God reminded me that I often ask Him to give me a flat, easy path in life without obstacles. But instead, perhaps we should ask God to give us the feet we need to climb the difficult paths so He can take us to new heights.

Are you facing an uphill climb today? God doesn’t promise to take the struggle away … but He does promise to give you what you need to navigate it.

If you’d like prayer today, leave a comment with your story – or just write “deer” – and I’ll pray God gives you the feet needed to navigate your situation.