Here are SIX things I learned about the Church during the COVID-19 quarantine

1. YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, Zoom and online platforms can be sacred places where people can commune with the Divine, and be in community.

2. Online worship doesn’t have to look like a music video or rock concert … it just needs to be authentic.

3. Digital spaces are the modern-day public square—the place where the Church has always been called to lead and live out the Gospel. That doesn’t end when this is over.

4. The Church has always needed to present the Gospel in ways that people recognize. People recognize YouTube and Instagram and Facebook.

5. The building may be closed, but the Church is always open … because the Church has never been somewhere you go, but something you ARE.

6. Followers of Jesus should never again reduce their faith to simply attending a building once a week.

So, what have you learned about the Church during this global pandemic and lockdown?