Hi, I’m Dave.

Online Pastor. Speaker.

Social Media Consultant.

Photographer. Author.

Hi, I’m Dave.

Online Pastor.
Social Media Consultant.
Speaker. Author.

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Get my book Chasing the Light

Here’s what some smart people said about how my book can help you get more out of your faith … 

“Dave began using his photographs to teach his daughters Biblical truths in a way that was creative and memorable. He started sharing them via Instagram and his following exploded. We are thrilled that he is now taking those very same devotionals and photographs and making them available in this beautiful book.”
Sandra and Andy Stanley, Authors and founders of North Point Ministries

“As an artist and photographer I am keenly aware of how creativity can bring new insight and understanding, which is exactly what Dave Adamson does with this book. He connects beautiful, modern photography with the rich, ancient story of the Bible to bring fresh, deeper understanding. It’s more than a devotional and more than a photography book – it’s a creative insight into faith.”
Jeremy Cowart, Photographer and Founder of The Purpose Hotel.

Recent Blog Posts

My new BEAST of a YouTube rig

  Ever since I started my YouTube channel, I’ve wanted a video, audio and lighting set-up that was self-contained and portable.   I’ve tried a number of different options and configurations in recent month … and I finally figured it out!   And since the question I get...

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Things I Want ALL Daughters To Know

For the past few months I have been regularly posting leadership quotes and “life lessons” to Twitter using the hashtag #StuffIWantMyDaughtersToKnow. The basic idea is that as I write, curate, hear or find great life quotes, ideas and leadership principles, I tweet...

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What it means to be humble.

There are plenty of Bible verses that urge us to be humble and describe in detail the benefits of humility. But do we really know what it means to be humble? In a world that promotes individual success, self-promotion and hustle ... our understanding of humility can...

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Get my FREE LightRoom presets

Edit your photos with 1 click. Get 6 brand new presets with a range of color, mood and style.

Easy to install, easy to use and easy to tweak for further customization. These are the presets I use when I edit my photos.

Includes: A6Worship, Bright Worship, Contrast B+W, Crushed Worship, Grey or Gray, Kodak Summer, and Hip Desaturated.

I used to be a TV reporter in Australia, but I’m now the Social Media and Online Pastor at North Point Ministries in AtlantaI’m also a photographer, musician and an author at YouVersion. I post daily devotions on my BibleInPhotos Instagram account … oh, and I have a book, Chasing The Light.